22 Sep

Lifting Dumbbells Correctly

Some people are committed to Yoga, some to cardio, some to dancing, and some to weight lifting stuff like dumbbell exercise routines. It does really matter which among these you choose to do, as long as you are comfortable doing what you want, and you are getting the body that you desire. Most people settle down with workout plans other than weight lifting because they believe that everyone who carries a barbell plans to be extremely buff. And having over-grown muscles, like those of those body building participants, is not exactly what most people would want to have.

Unfortunately, this common misconception made by most inexperienced ones is what led weight lifting into the Don’ts of people’s list.
But truth is that weight lifting is not always associated to extremely large muscular protrusion. Before jumping to conclusions, all those scary looking body builders that you fear to turn into are not working out alone. They consume various supplements that make their muscles inflate into scary sizes. So unless you start putting the same medications into your own diet, there is nothing you should fear about weight lifting.

Besides, dumbbell exercise routines are not like most weight lifting routines. They make use of small weight material, namely dumbbells. They usually come in different forms, too, depending on your preferred body part to be worked-out. So, if you’re interested in knowing how you could achieve that amazingly toned body, here are some examples of what you could try out.

For your chest, shoulders and back, the traditional chest dumbbell press is the best. But you can also try dumbbell shoulder press, lateral raise and upright row. These routines can help you better achieve that perfect upper body package. For your arms, there are the standard curls such as the incline and dumbbell curls. For additional triceps stimulation, there are the dumbbell kickbacks and triceps extension.

Like stated in the beginning, whatever form of body exercise you choose, the most important factor to be considered is your comfort in performing them. And by “comfort” I do not mean relaxation, I mean you shouldn’t stress yourself too much to do what you could not do. As for dumbbell exercise routines, they can easily be done anyone, yet they can still assure you true workout benefits.

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