23 Dec

Instructions on How to Distinguish Cheap and Genuine Ukulele

Currently, on the market there are many types of ukulele, you can distinguish cheap ukulele and genuine ukulele . With the utility and the cute factors, we will see mainstream use ukulele growing in all ages today.

This article we will together distinguished cheap  and genuine ukuleles, compare these two types of  ukuleles, kind better suited to the purpose of your demand. Besides it, you can access at the following address for more info on best brands of ukulele on the market today.


There are four types of ukulele with different sizes:

  • Minimum type size is soprano ukulele and it is the most common type and standard, 53 cm long.
  • The concert ukulele is kind of small size 2, 58 cm long, larger male body, fretboard and more broad.
  • The ukulele tenor is third of small size, about 66 cm long.
  • Baritone ukulele, length 76 cm. This type of guitar is similar.

Appearance of Ukulele


  • Cheap ukulele with ukulele sharper form genuine.
  • Due to be produced on an industrial scale using modern lines for the uniform and more accurate. The mid-range from under $ 100 most of the wood produced by industrial presses.
  • Whereas genuine handmade very rustic look. Look closely; you’ll see a lot of pitting the tiny wood naturally. Usually not present in cells should carefully rough spot genuine wood.
  • Soundboard genuine ukulele colored natural wood grain. Ukulele also has dark wooden barrels, the color is definitely made of wooden panels.


– Cheap ukulele usually louder sounds genuine ukulele.

– Due to production line technology according to the wood in the barrels usually chords of cheap ukulele finer processing to meet the needs of aesthetics alleviate negative absorption. Conversely, genuine ukulele back to pure natural wood so the bar and ukulele sound more mellow.

Weight Above Ukulele


– Cheap ukuleles are usually lighter genuine ukuleles.

– Usually made ukulele material’s mass production will use cheap plywood, while genuine ukulele handmade wooden panels, pressed wood therefore generally milder natural wood, it should also be cheap ukulele is produced lighter genuine.


  • Today, to compete on the market, manufacturers moving production line layout in China, on the other hand, we also know that China is home to a variety of items produced diverse and rich. Therefore, the cheap ukulele is no exception, the ukulele with foreign famous brands originating in China: awadon, woodtone, suzuki, laser, print deviser … (painting) at the top of the neck (or be hidden technology under European labels, see the place of production, Or in the soundboard has labeled genuine but foreign brands).
  • Genuine ukulele fretboard and often no printed brand or brand is engraved in temperature.


  • Many users think that genuine goods often have high price, while the products are cheap and also beautiful forms. So why do you have to buy genuine products? this also has to recognize that the products are cheap industrial production, while the genuine ukulele is produced by traditional manual methods. Traditional does not mean that values much more expensive, if you pay close attention that the quality of materials and products that you get it accompanies you value for money.
  • Through this article, the user and ukulele players also recognize what is genuine guitar or cheap ukuleles
12 Dec

How to choose a proper service dog vest?



When it comes to possessing a therapy dog, there are a number of factors to consider such as his health status, his training program, the service dog registry as well as his outfit. It’s not an easy task when choosing a proper service dog vest due to the variety of brands. You also need to think about the place you stay, the breed of dog you own and your lifestyle before deciding purchasing a service dog vest.

In this article, I’m going to show you the best 4 vests for your therapy dog.

Tiny Servalaska-dogsice Dog Cape Vest

This kind of service dog vest is manufactured for small size therapy dogs whose chest girth varies from 11” to 24”. There are totally 4 sizes and all of them are made from mesh material. This kind of vest is suitable for 3 kinds of assistance dogs including service dogs, therapy dogs and emotional support dogs. There is an optional patch which can be stick on the suit in order to classify the dog type. Although the suit is lightweighted, it is very long-lasting. One more interesting feature of this vest is the reflective material with the aim of helping people see your companion easier.

Regular Service Dog Cape Vest

This kind of vest has the same features as the “Tiny Service Dog Cape Vest” but for the dogs with bigger chest girth. There are 2 options for service dog owner – the 26” and the 34”. Cost is also factor that we should consider when buying a product. Luckily, both Tiny and Regular Service Dog Cape Vest are very economical.

Reflective Service Dog Harness Vest

Unlike these aforementioned Vests, this product is much heavier and more durable thanks to the 2 layers of industrial high denier cross-link mesh. Beside the patch to identify which role your dog plays, this kind of vest also cares about visibility of our companion by adding the reflective material on some edges of the suit. Particularly, this vest includes 3 welded rings which are able to hold our companion’s ID Card as well as a leach. The advanced assistance dog vest has a wide range of sizes for you to choose. There are totally 4 options from 24” to 42” which is suitable for a dog with tremendous chest girth.

However, due to the material, it’s not good for dog owners who stay in tropical weather as well as summer temperature. So please take this factor into account before purchasing this suit.

Alpha Service Dog Harness Vest


The last one is also the best one. However, this vest is pricier than the others. The manufacturers replaced the old-fashioned mesh material by the modern poly coated fabric which is water proof as well as much more long-lasting. Beside 3 welded rings, this vest also has a featured handle. There are 4 sizes available ranging from 20” to 42”. This product line likewise has 2 patches in order to tell people what kind of dog he is. However, it doesn’t have the reflective material which doesn’t fit people who travel often in the dark area.



08 Dec

Trampoline for your kids

trampoline-for-your-kidsDo you want your kids to exercise but they are just too lazy to do it? Here’s a good trick that you can use: let them practice trampoline jumping. Even better is that this form of exercise can be done right at home, under your surveillance, which will be very useful when your kids need to get some exercise but you’re just too busy to take them to the park. In this article, we will show you all the things you need consider before purchasing this wonderful piece of equipment for your little treasures.

First of all is the weight limit. 

Some trampolines can hold up to a few hundred pounds while others are just built for one single kid. Calculate the total weight of all your kids (if you have more than one, that is) and add a few extra pounds for security reason, that is the weight limit you want to look for when searching for the most suitable trampoline.

Second of all, the money.

It usually goes like this: the more money you pay, the better the product quality will be. Make a budget plan in advance before actually going on the search for your trampoline as this will help you not pay the extra unwanted amount for the product. There are also good trampolines available at a very reasonable price. However, since you are reading this article, there’s a high chance that you are not an expert in this field. Therefore, don’t save a few bucks at the expense of the safety of your precious little angel.

Next is the space.

In order to have a trampoline in your house, you need a lot of space. Many people usually underestimate the amount of space needed to accommodate it, which cause them not be able to use the trampoline to its full potential. Remove any fragile objects around the area of the trampoline so as to prevent any unwanted damage.

In addition, you may need to buy handlebars as well

Your kids are your little treasures and investing a few more bucks for their personal safety is never a waste of money. This will reduce the risk of injury for your kids and give you a sense of good kid-caring as a parent.

Another thing to consider is the warranties

With the ongoing jumping day after day, some parts of the trampoline are bound to break over time. Hence, you need the warranty to protect your investment in case anything goes wrong.

Last but certainly not least, UV protection padding.

For outdoors trampoline, this feature is a must-have one. With the continuous exposure to the sun, the color of the mat can easily fade or the mat itself will deteriorate very quickly. You could cover the trampoline when it’s not in use but buying one with this feature will save you all the hard work of covering and removing the sheet every time you want to use it.

That’s all the tips I have for you. To make the job of buying your personal trampoline easier, here is a list of the best trampoline brand currently on the market. We hope that it will be of use for you.